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Hogwarts: The Last Bastion Hogwarts: The Last Bastion

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I really like all the fancy lighting and attention you devote to little details in that regard. The piece looks pretty well balanced in terms of color and lighs/darks as well as composition too.

Pillars - (or whatever you call those rectangular protusions - im not good with architecture,sry :s) - on the big blocky structure on the left side of the castle DO look copypasted though - it kinda messes up the perspective of the thing and makes that section look a bit crooked.

And the other thing is that there's something off about the raft too - I'm guessing it probably has to do with perspective too.

Otherwise - Well done; and good luck with the CoTM!
Cheers m8.

Brainforger responds:

Spot on, good sir! Thank you for the awesome feedback! I appreciate the review very much!

The pillar-ish dealies on the Grand Hall (I think that's what part it's supposed to be) are indeed "copypasted". It was early on in the process, and I realized much later what a compromise to quality that made, so I'm not going to be doing too much of THAT in the future, but by then I had moved on and didn't revisit it as I probably should have. As for the perspective issues, I think I can clear that up. My horizon is too high, LOL! I set it all with a much lower horizon, but couldn't get my Mordor in properly so cheated it up and forgot to correct my vanishing points! I should have just adjusted my hill instead, now that I think about it, to make room. Oh, well! You live and you learn, right? ;-)

In her name... In her name...

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I like the muted color scheme you chose to go with here. The character design is pretty appealng and convincing as well. The blue flares are a bit too punchy in my oppinion - i'd mute them down a bit.

Line work could use some rifinement, but otherwise pretty decent.

One major gripe I have with this piece are the big black spots to the left and right of the character. They're supposed to be falling debris or something but they are blended in in such an intrusive way that they produce a "What the heck! Get this out of my face and let me see the picture!"- effect. Kind of ruins the composition to be honest.

Otherwise pretty decent work. Keep it up.
Cheers m8.

Kitkaz responds:

I am grateful to receive such amazing critique. It helps me a lot thank you!

LegendaryAxe by Lahley LegendaryAxe by Lahley

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You've definitely improved since your last entries.

Linework is kind of unrefined, but the lines do look interesting. I'm not entirely sold on the way you depicted segments on her jumpsuit, especially on the abdomen section - the pattern there makes it harder to grasp which way the torso is turned.
Shading is pretty nice. And the backround fits in nicely.
But also I actually loathe the effect you chose to go for with the blue glow. It may be a personal prefernce, but it REALLY clashes with the way you depicted the rest of the smooth light in the scene - especially the spotligts inside the other monster's jaw.
I think the main problem with it is that you did not treat it as a light source - it's literally looks like a bunch of teal colored pixel sploshes on top of your canvas and it does not blend in.

Otherwise a pretty decent work.
Cheers and keep it up.

Lahley responds:

Thank u for your critique.
what u described is exactly what I think about it as well. I forgot what I wanted to attain half way through and lost a clear vision for this piece. But this is the result and Im not satisfied. Next time I will not do the same mistakes.

Reef and the King's Rogue Reef and the King's Rogue

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good use of texturespace on the main character.
Can't help but think that you went overboard with the doge though. All those extra bits of hair sticking out may not look like much, but its a LOT of extra polygons to model, let alone animate.
I like your heroine design, but the doge feels kind of really bland and uninteresting and falls on his face once again.
Not sure if using orange as a main tone in your quite detailed backdrop to highlight the blue characters even further should be considered cheating or creative use of game mechanics, but it definitely benefits the composition - good job with that.

All in all thought on design:
Heroine - pretty decent.
doge - kind of underwhelming.

Other than that pretty good job.
Keep it up. Cheers m8.

MossyRabbit responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate hearing from someone about this. I can see how the pet is kind of bland, I just thought it would be better not to cover him in a bunch of stuff, but I regret not giving him any doggy armor (I couldn't make it look quite right) As you pointed out, the orange background was meant to contrast against the characters, hopefully it isn't too extreme, but thanks for noticing. I know I didn't have to draw a background, but I couldn't help it :D

Fearow+Arbok = Fearbok Fearow+Arbok = Fearbok

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I quite like your design. Has that Aztec Quetzalcoatl feeling to it - Unique enough to be it's own pokemon, but retaining the features of the original two. Well done there!
Could do with a bit more clarity with wing feathers and tail.

There's also a whole bunch of nothing in the top left half of the composition - feels really off to me - like there is a compositional vacuum sucking me in towards that direction. I'd just crop it along with the part of the right wing. Maybe a more dynamic gexture for the claws and lower body would've been better as well.

Other than that, pretty good. Keep it up!
Cheers m8.

Gyarados + Tentacruel = Gyacruel Gyarados + Tentacruel = Gyacruel

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really like this!
Especially all the little details in the piece.
Compositionally I have a problem with that bright yellow spot in the top right corner - It's the most contrast intensive place in the piece, so it draws a lot of attention, aaaand.... there's nothing there to look at...
Kind of a big mistake imho.

Also the duo on dodrio (huhue puns!) gets completely washed out by the lighting - to the point of being just a blurry mess unless you zoom in on the individual part, not sure if it was an intentional effect, but it doesn't look that great with no contrast - one would think that the shadows should be emphasized with the lightsource blasting towards the camera like that.
Other than those two points - pretty much immaculate drawing, (at least by my standards :p)

Keep it up, Cheers m8!

AnormalADN responds:

Thanks for the critic ! :D

Well at first the spot was supposed to be less bright, but it looked weird... In the first place, I wanted to make an "axis" from the bottom left to the up right, but when I decided to make the Gyacruel bigger on the picture, it kinda fell apart. However I agree on the fact that the spotlight makes a mess where it should be clear. I just did not feel like making the shadows in that area darker partly because I thought that the light being on the camera as well would make things blurrier (now that you mention it, I realize that it's probably not how it works), and also technical difficulties (my layer work wouldn't let me do something that I would have liked)

Yup, have a nice day mate :D

Porymime (Porygon + Mr.Mime) Porymime (Porygon + Mr.Mime)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I REALLY like the Idea of having Mr. Mime encased in a virtual porygon space tesseract. (If I remember the show correctly porygon had something to do with digital technology)

The whole image is really bright though - like even jarringly bright to the point of being unable to read the central figure of the pokemon fusion itself.
Not to mention the extreme hue contrasts of cyan and magenta in the background.
Not sure if the effect was intentional, considering the psychic/digital mix you were going for, but surely you were not planning on putting the viewers directly into your pokemon's psychic attack blast :s

Anyway: neat work and cheers m8.

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PhiphiAuThon responds:

Wow, thanks a lot! I wasn't confident about the brightness, I'll pay more attention to it next time! :)

Lapras + Venasaur = Laprasaur Lapras + Venasaur = Laprasaur

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wah! Im surprised nobody reviewd this one yet.
2 realistic 4 me!
Not in a bad way mind you, but in a "I'd never thought you could draw this with a pencil" way. This is definitely going to get at least a showcase, probably even top 8 imho.

Magikarps look kind of wonky compared to the rest of the elements in the composition, but I don't think it's going to subtract significantly from the final result.
Great work! Very professional.
Cheers m8.

Arcanoke Arcanoke

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Decent idea and execution.
I feel like you've made the head too small and the torso too large and realistic though. Even the original machoke has a bigger head/torso ratio. It looks more like an alternative skin for King from Tekken rather than any pokemon I know of.

I can even see the bulge on the crotch area.
like wat...

Is this supposed to be a pokemon or just a generic furry character? lol xD

In all seriousness though: Nice anatomy, but I think its kinda beside the point tbh, so I have no idea how to rate this in the context of the challenge :p
Cheers m8.

AniLover16 responds:

Thanks for your critiques :)

Miyazaki's Portal Miyazaki's Portal

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is very nicely lit. The only problem I have with the piece is the position of the "portal". It's kind of an awkward place to put it since the light it's giving off is blending with the beard. Also the lack of index and middle fingers on the hand initially somewhat confused me - perhaps not the most optimal gesture for the hand, since it's going off frame.

Otherwise a pretty good piece.

Cheers m8.

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RaXzeD responds:

Thanks! I agree with your points, and appreciate the feedback!